Your Stage is Set: Tell Us How To Make Formitize Even Better

31 August, 2023
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We’re handing the reins over to you when it comes to deciding what features, updates and changes you want to see within Formitize. We’ve always welcomed feedback from our clients about how we can make their lives easier, and it’s with great excitement that we are launching Feature Requests. 


What are Feature Requests?

We are providing our clients with visibility over the pipeline that our bustling team of web developers works from. Rather than our internal team setting the agenda, we are providing you with access to the board to submit your own requests and upvote existing ones. This new forum will provide our developers with the information they need to prioritize their next projects. 


Our customer-led approach to our future direction reflects our commitment to our valued clients and our willingness to streamline and simplify their day-to-day lives, everyday. 

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How can I submit or review a request? 

You need to be an existing client (which includes those currently on a Free Trial) in order to access Feature Requests to either submit a request or upvote existing ones. 


Visit or access it from the User Menu when you login. Then, sign in using your Google account or your email details (it’s strongly recommended you use your work email).


How will the ideas be processed? 

The Roadmap illustrates the four stages that each idea will pass through: 

  1. In Review - Our team is evaluating your idea and mapping out what is required. 
  2. Planned - The submission has been worked into the Planner and there is a timeline attached to it. 
  3. In Progress - Our talented team is tackling the submission and making it a reality.
  4. Completed - Success! Your request has been brought to life and will be available to all Formitize users.


The pace at which each idea progresses will depend upon the time required, the popularity of the idea, the workload of the web developers and its overall value to the Formitize community. 


Will I be notified about the request as it progresses? 

As it moves through the Roadmap, you will be notified so you can follow its progress and let your team, customers and stakeholders know that change is on its way.


Why can’t I see my submission? 

All submissions are moderated before they are publicly visible.