Formitize Case Study: EnGage Building Inspections

24 September, 2020
Form0553 Case Study EnGage Building Inspections banner

EnGage Building Inspections provide inspection services onsite across Victoria and are fully insured and available throughout the week for a range of building inspection services.

To give some examples, they offer swimming pool barrier safety checks, mandatory building inspections INU, BAL assessments, 137B reports, QA Stage inspections, and ESM.

EnGage Building Inspections Director, Jeanette Gage, is an experienced member of the building and construction industry who stumbled across Formitize as she was doing a Google search. Realising they had an opportunity to further improve their services and internal workflow, they got us on board.


  • Time delays
  • Paperwork Getting Lost
  • Tedious, manual data entry



  • Getting things done on site
  • Paperless Forms
  • Job Management
  • Reporting


Formitize is now the complete business solution for Jeanette and the EnGage team.



They are currently using these Formitize solutions:

  • Paperless Forms
  • Accounting – Invoicing, Quotes, and Payments
  • Reporting


Easy Account Setup

When asked to rate Formitize on a scale of 1 to 10, overall, how easy it was to navigate Formitize as a Business Solution (1 being Very Difficult – 10 being Very Easy), Jeanette gave us a “10.”


Training Options

Jeanette is keen to discuss future training for their team with their Client Account Manager. In particular, they are interested in virtual screen share training and face to face training.


Support Tools

So far, they have used these Support Tools within Formitize:

  • Support Ticket
  • Phone call to the Support Team


Jeanette says, “The Formitize Support and Customer Service teams are very responsive and helpful. In terms of rating the overall Formitize Client Support (1=Very Poor, 10 = Amazing), Jeanette gives us a “10.”

Jeanette says, “We were using Microsoft Word before we came across Formitize. Formitize saves us so much time. It’s easy to use and I get a lot of compliments about my reports.”

On a Scale on 1 to 10, we asked Jeanette how likely she was to recommend Formitize to a friend or Colleague (1 = Not Likely – 10 = Very Likely), she gave us a “10.”


Jeanette’s Testimonial

“Formitize is the best system I’ve ever used. I’ve been using Formitize for my reports and invoices. I’ve found it to be the most efficient reporting system and so simple to use. It’s made my life so much easier. I can’t thank the staff enough.”



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