Formitize Case Study: Fight 4 Youth

28 June, 2024
Case Study 104





Fight 4 Youth stands as an inclusive and multicultural youth centre, dedicated to supporting a diverse range of young individuals through therapeutic programs rooted in physical activities, accessible to people of all abilities.


The organisation's primary objectives are to foster confidence, self-awareness, and acceptance among the youth. This is achieved through a blend of sports, mentoring, and empowerment programs, aimed at providing relief to those in need and actively working towards preventing harmful behaviour within youth and communities through education, support, and various initiatives.


A wide array of free programs is offered – covering mentoring, leadership, empowerment, therapeutic interventions, early intervention, school suspension support, high school preparation, crime prevention, life skills, indigenous groups, music lessons, music production, indigenous art, counselling, and disability support.


Notably, Fight 4 Youth extends its support to children on the spectrum, with ADD/ADHD/ODD, anxiety/depression, and anti-bullying programs, alongside regular boxing for fitness and competition. The organisation also provides individual and group training, private and corporate sessions, as well as free counselling, homework help, a youth hub, and assistance with food and clothing for those in need.


The driving mission behind Fight 4 Youth is to empower the youth, strengthen relationships, and instil respect for oneself and others.



Fight 4 Youth Founder Leisa J Logan discovered Formitize through her husband, who uses it for his business. Leisa sought Formitize to enhance the tracking and identification of the most accessed and necessary programs, with the goal of providing crucial data to government agencies.


She specifically needed CRM (Customer Management) and Paperless Forms to address challenges from her previous business process, which involved time delays and a lack of staff management. Running the charity solo, with a team of volunteers primarily involved in programs rather than administration, Leisa aimed to reduce the workload and increase efficiency, hoping Formitize would play a key role in achieving this.


Currently, Fight 4 Youth employs Formitize modules like Document Management (Resources) and Paperless Forms. They have undergone Face-to-Face and Group Training sessions and utilised various support tools within Formitize, including the 30-Minute Walkthrough Tour, Demonstration Videos, communication with the Client Success Manager, Getting Started Guide, Support Ticket, User Guide, User Guide Question, and direct phone calls to the Support Team.


Leisa praises Formitize's Support and Customer Service team for their assistance and acknowledges that she opted for Formitize over other solutions, such as Gym Master, based on her husband's enthusiastic recommendation.


Leisa states, “I compared Formitize to other solutions – such as Gym Master – before I made the decision to use Formitize. I chose Formitize over the other solutions because it was highly recommended by my husband.”


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