Formitize Case Study: Flyco Southern Victoria

7 June, 2024
Case Study 31

Flyco Southern Victoria:


Flyco Southern Victoria specialize in pest control services throughout the Southern Victoria region. Their highly recommended solution for eliminating flies, mosquitoes, and spiders from your home involves a single application of their environmentally friendly surface spray. With a commitment to safety, they prioritize the well-being of your family and pets by using a formula free from harmful chemicals. By choosing Flyco Southern Victoria, you can ensure the safest and most effective pest control for your home.



Bill, a member of Flyco Southern Victoria, was introduced to Formitize by his colleagues who were already benefiting from the solution and highly recommended it to him.


According to Bill, their previous business process presented various challenges, such as delayed payments. Seeking effective solutions for job management, accounting tasks like invoicing, quotes, and payments, they turned to Formitize.


Bill expresses his satisfaction with the Formitize Solution, stating that it has significantly improved their business operations. He emphasizes that Formitize provides excellent value for money.


To maximize their utilization of Formitize, Bill and his team have taken advantage of the training options available, including Virtual Screen Share Training. They have also utilized the User Guide and Support Tools provided by Formitize.


Bill highlights the overall effectiveness of Formitize's support and customer service. He commends the responsive and helpful nature of their Customer Support teams.

Prior to adopting Formitize, Flyco Southern Victoria had been using a different software solution. However, they made the switch due to the outdated nature of their previous software. Bill explains that they chose Formitize over other alternatives because they were informed that it is user-friendly and encompasses all the necessary features in a single platform.


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