Formitize Case Study: Ground Keepers

7 June, 2024
Case Study 32

Ground Keepers:


In 2019, Kristen Pember and her husband embarked on a venture of their own, establishing Ground Keepers, a company rooted in their hometown of Upper Hutt, NZ. Presently, their comprehensive range of services includes Lawn Mowing, Green Waste Removal, Hedge Trimming, Brush Cutting, and Rubbish Removal.



Kristen Pember discovered Formitize through a Facebook ad, which prompted her to explore the platform's potential benefits. Reflecting on their previous business process, Kristen identified several challenges, including inefficiencies, time delays, lost paperwork, mistakes, tedious manual data entry, and inadequate staff management.


Seeking solutions, Kristen turned to Formitize, hoping to streamline their operations by enabling on-site task completion, implementing paperless forms, managing jobs efficiently, scheduling tasks, organizing customer relationships (CRM), and handling accounting tasks such as invoicing, quotes, and payments.


According to Kristen, Formitize has proven to be a highly cost-effective solution for their company. They have successfully implemented paperless forms, job management, job scheduling, and a leads and sales pipeline. Kristen also expressed her satisfaction with the ease of setting up their Formitize account, praising its user-friendly interface and numerous valuable features.


Regarding customer support, Kristen commended Formitize's responsiveness and helpfulness. They have primarily relied on phone calls, emails, and utilized resources such as the Client Success Manager, Getting Started Guide, and User Guide to address any queries. Kristen gave Formitize's support and customer service teams a perfect rating of 10.


When asked about their decision to choose Formitize over other software solutions like Zoho Projects, Xero, and Hubspot, Kristen explained the limitations they faced with those platforms. In particular, they couldn't add notes to project jobs in Xero, and both Hubspot and Zoho proved challenging to comprehend, set up, and transfer customer details. Additionally, accurately arranging jobs in chronological order was a complex task. These factors led them to opt for Formitize as a superior alternative.


Finally, when asked about their likelihood of recommending Formitize to friends or colleagues on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being unlikely and 10 being highly likely, Kristen confidently selected a rating of “10.”


Kristen’s Testimonial


Kristen shares, “Ground Keepers has been trying for months to get a good client system in place. Formitize does more than any other CRM system I have currently trialled. I have an excellent support person who calls and emails to see how I am doing, and even if I am super busy, he calls back at a time convenient to me. Emails are replied within the hour! Great customer service, great communication. Signing up for Formitize was such a breeze, my logo and colours were added within minutes. My customer base was also added within minutes. I will be extremely surprised if anything can top Formitize. Client Success Manager William Burge has done great.”


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