Formitize Case Study: LUXA Building Consultants

28 May, 2024
Case Study 24

LUXA Building Consultants:




Dylan Luxa, the owner of LUXA Building Consultants, has established himself as a reliable contract building inspector. He carries out mandatory inspections for building surveyors and conducts private building inspections, as well.



In his quest for a software solution that could streamline his business operations, Dylan received a recommendation from his colleague, Marcus Taylor, who suggested he try Formitize.


Reflecting on his previous business processes, Dylan expressed his need for a solution that would enable him to efficiently handle tasks on-site, as the existing method left him unable to complete timely reporting.


Dylan emphasizes the significance of Formitize in his day-to-day business operations, considering it a valuable asset. He acknowledges the positive impact it has had on his company, highlighting its cost-effectiveness.


When it came to setting up his Formitize account, Dylan commends the simplicity of the process. He finds Formitize to be an easy-to-use solution, currently utilizing its CRM for customer management and reporting purposes.


Expressing his gratitude, Dylan credits the Formitize Support and Customer Service teams for their exceptional assistance and responsiveness, appreciating their continuous support.


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