Formitize Case Study: Pesticom Pty Ltd

28 June, 2024
Case Study 101





Pesticom is a fully insured, 100% Australian-owned family business dedicated to solving your pest-related woes safely and effectively. They prioritise environmentally friendly solutions while guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.


Their team comprises fully licensed and experienced pest control technicians, each boasting over 20 years of expertise in the field. They hold Certificate II and III qualifications in Asset Maintenance (Pest Control Technicians), ensuring they are well-equipped to tackle any pest issue. At Pesticom, they take pride in their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their dedicated technicians provide professional, prompt, and friendly service, backed by a comprehensive service warranty on all treatments.


But their commitment doesn't stop there; they also care deeply about our planet and its environment. Pesticom takes a responsible approach to every job, ensuring that they minimise their ecological footprint. They are based in the Hills District and proudly extend their services to the Greater Sydney Region, Central Coast, and Blue Mountains. They specialise in long-term Pest Management and eco-friendly solutions.


Termites can be a homeowner's worst nightmare, and that's where Pesticom truly shines. They specialise in the control and ongoing management of termites, using the most suitable methods tailored to your property's unique situation. They understand that no two termite problems are the same, which is why they adopt a "Never Stop Looking" approach. They tap into all available resources to ensure your termite issues are effectively resolved.


In addition to termite control, Pesticom provides comprehensive treatments for a wide range of pests, including spiders, ants, cockroaches, rodents, and other creepy crawlies. No matter the pest, they have the expertise and environmentally friendly solutions to address your concerns.


When you choose Pesticom, you're choosing a family-owned business with a rich tradition of excellence in pest control. They blend experience, dedication, and eco-consciousness to deliver pest-free peace of mind to your doorstep. Pesticom safeguards your home while preserving our planet.



Mark Horam, part of the dynamic team at Pesticom Pty Ltd, stumbled upon Formitize thanks to the buzz within his industry. Colleagues and peers in the field had already embraced this transformative solution, and Mark was eager to see what all the fuss was about.


Mark candidly shares his initial motivations, "I turned to Formitize primarily because I could no longer endure the hassles of paper reporting. I was also keen on saving precious time. My previous reporting method brought forth numerous challenges for my business, including the tedium of manual data entry. I found myself working late into the night after my day on the road had concluded."


His checklist for an ideal solution was comprehensive, covering areas such as accounting (invoicing, quotes, and payments), CRM (customer management), efficient on-site operations, job scheduling, paperless forms, and streamlined reporting.


With Formitize, Mark found the key to optimising his daily business operations. He emphasises, "Formitize has become an invaluable asset to our day-to-day business operations, especially considering the long hours I put in. All our reporting is now online, and the potential of the Formitize solution is clear. We are continually exploring its capabilities."


Currently, Pesticom Pty Ltd leverages Formitize for various aspects, including accounting (invoicing, quotes, and payments), CRM (customer management), job scheduling, paperless forms, and reporting.


When asked to sum up his Formitize experience in three words, Mark enthusiastically declares, "Changed my life."


To navigate and maximise Formitize's offerings, Mark and his team make use of essential support tools, including the 30 Minute Walkthrough Tour, User Guide, and User Guide Question.


In terms of support and customer service, Mark gives Formitize a perfect score. He affirms, "Formitize's support and customer service teams are incredibly responsive and unfailingly helpful. I would rate them a perfect '10' without hesitation."


Mark Horam's journey with Formitize has undeniably revolutionised the way Pesticom Pty Ltd operates, making it clear that this innovative solution has brought about transformative changes and a brighter future for their business.


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