Formitize Case Study: Primal Group Management

6 June, 2024
Case Study 25

Primal Group Management:


Primal Group Management, owned by Dallas Twentyman, offers a diverse range of services, including Business Energy, Pest Control, and Garden Maintenance. Seeking effective solutions for their business operations, Twentyman discovered Formitize based on recommendations from others in the industry.



According to Dallas, their primary motivation for adopting Formitize was to address various challenges in their previous business processes. These challenges included inefficiencies, time delays, delayed payments, tedious manual data entry, and inadequate staff management.


Formitize's comprehensive features, such as Paperless Forms, Job Management, CRM (Customer Management), Leads and Sales Pipeline, Accounting (Invoicing, Quotes, and Payments), Reporting, and Asset Management, proved to be the ideal solutions they were seeking.


Primal Group Management currently utilizes several Formitize solutions, namely:

  1. Paperless Forms
  2. Job Management
  3. CRM - Customer Management
  4. Leads and Sales Pipeline
  5. Accounting - Invoicing, Quotes, and Payments
  6. Reporting


Dallas expresses satisfaction with Formitize, considering it a valuable investment. Setting up their Formitize account was remarkably easy, allowing them to swiftly implement the system and take advantage of its multitude of useful features. Additionally, Dallas appreciates the user-friendly nature of Formitize, finding it simple to navigate and operate. They also benefited from virtual screen share training, which facilitated their onboarding process.


To ensure optimal support, Primal Group Management made use of various support tools available within Formitize. These tools include direct communication with a Client Success Manager via phone calls and emails, assistance from the Support Team through support tickets and phone calls, as well as reference materials like the Getting Started Guide and User Guide. Dallas commends Formitize's exceptional support and customer service, noting their promptness and proficiency in addressing queries.


Prior to implementing Formitize, Primal Group Management relied on Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and ServiceM8. However, it was Formitize's impressive Paperless Forms feature that ultimately persuaded them to switch to this business solution, appreciating the efficiency and sustainability it offered.


Overall, Primal Group Management has successfully integrated Formitize into their operations, benefiting from its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and reliable customer support.


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