Formitize Case Study: Rocky Pest

31 January, 2019
Rocky Pest 1

Rocky Pest’s Narelle first found about Formitize after she was referred by another company that was using Formitize. She was looking for a better and more efficient way to handle reporting. In the past, she had to deal with challenges such as time delays, tedious, manual data entry and double if not triple handling. She wanted to streamline their  business processes.

A Valuable Asset

Formitize has become a valuable asset to the day to day running of the business as it has brought about massive change to the way the business operates day to day. The app is all round fantastic! Formitize is game changing and it has completely streamlined the way our business operates.

Narelle is currently using: paperless forms, job management, job scheduling, CRM – customer management, accounting – invoicing, quotes, and payments. The integration with Xero is smooth and simple to set up.


A Great Solution

Formitize is a great solution that is simple to use and easy to understand. I have made phone calls to our Client Success Manager, I have also used the User Guide. We also did a screen share training session with our office staff and it was amazing, we learnt so much in the hour. The Formitize Support and Customer Service team is really helpful and responds quickly to my queries. They help resolve any problems as quickly as possible, for which I am grateful.

In terms of rating the overall Formitize Client Support, I give Formitize a 10.

Before I came across Formitize, I was using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and iCal which meant I was entering the same information over and over again. I made the shift to Formitize for the mobile forms and we haven’t looked back.



Narelle’s experience could be yours too