Formitize Case Study: Roebuck Civil Pty Ltd

6 June, 2024
Case Study 27

Roebuck Civil Pty Ltd:


Roebuck Civil Pty Ltd, founded in 2009 by Ian Roebuck, brings over 35 years of expertise in the plumbing and civil construction industries. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, they specialize in various areas such as major plumbing (water and sewer), civil construction, government tenders, minor road works, as well as electrical and building projects.


Over the years, they have developed site-specific quality assurance systems through their extensive experience. The company boasts a vast fleet of earthmoving and plant equipment, enabling them to undertake diverse projects and offer innovative planning, ideas, and solutions.



Renate Fortmann, a representative of Roebuck Civil Pty Ltd, was introduced to Formitize by Mick's Mobile - Cannonvale, who highly recommended the solution. Seeking effective solutions like Paperless Forms, Renate aimed to address the challenges they faced in their previous business processes, such as time delays, lost paperwork, errors, and laborious manual data entry.


Expressing satisfaction with Formitize, Renate affirms that it has made a valuable contribution to their business operations. The Formitize Solution, which proved easy to set up and use, has brought noticeable improvements. Renate emphasizes that they have now embraced Formitize Paperless Forms, further streamlining their processes.


Renate also highlights the excellent support provided by the Formitize Customer Support Team.


Renate says, “I have made phone calls to the Formitize Customer Support Team. When calling, support is always great. Their videos on how things work and how different areas would be of benefit to the company are great.”


Renate Fortmann’s Testimonial


Renate shares his testimonial: “Formitize has been a great addition to our business in cutting back on the amount of hardcopy paperwork our company once created. Formitize has definitely saved us a great deal of time when it comes to scanning and entering documents. We definitely would not have been able to run our daily tasks as efficiently as we have over the past few years if it weren't for Formitize.”


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