Formitize Case Study: Southern Building Consulting

29 November, 2023
Case Study 18

Southern Building Consulting:


The Southern Building Consulting team is composed of Building Inspectors and Consultants, with extensive experience in Victoria’s building, planning and design industries. 


Robyn Bond of Southern Building Consulting was searching for “best form creation tool” on Google when he first came across Formitize.


Robyn says, “We were facing many challenges in our previous business process. These included Inefficiencies, Time delays, Paperwork getting lost, and Tedious, manual data entry.


“I came to Formitize primarily looking for solutions like getting things done on-site and paperless forms.”


Robyn says that getting kick started with Formitize was a very approachable process. “Formitize is good value for money. It was easy to set up. It’s a good solution that’s easy to use. We are currently using these Formitize solutions: Paperless Forms, CRM - Customer Management, and WebForms.”



Robyn Bond of Southern Building Consulting says, “I think the Formitize tool is a very powerful one and I can't wait to get to understand it better. Your customer support people are fantastic, so helpful, and know the system so well.”


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