Formitize Case Study: SureGreen

28 June, 2024
Case Study 100






SureGreen takes great pride in exceeding expectations to provide top-notch landscaping services that perfectly align with their clients' needs.


Driven by a sincere devotion to commercial landscaping and a strong commitment to personalised attention, their team of skilled and qualified experts strives to build enduring relationships while delivering superior results for each and every customer.


From transforming educational campuses into captivating spaces to crafting inviting atmospheres in retirement homes and rejuvenating commercial developments, SureGreen stands out as the trustworthy choice for landscaping solutions that surpass the ordinary expectations. Discover the reasons why clients place their trust in SureGreen to deliver landscaping services that transcend the ordinary brief.



Justin Morton from SureGreen discovered Formitize through a referral and decided to adopt the solution after a client requested their staff to complete reports using it.


According to Justin, their previous process presented several challenges for their business, including inefficiencies, lost paperwork, and laborious manual data entry. Moreover, their safety documents were not being adequately stored, and they had to send multiple emails for quality checks, without having a central location for storing them.


Formitize proved to be an invaluable addition to their business operations, serving as a centralised document storage hub where they can track reporting completion. The ease of creating forms with Formitize and its various modules, including Accounting, CRM, Job Management, Paperless Forms, Reporting, and Safety First, significantly improved their business processes. Justin praised the solution for its user-friendly setup and its positive impact on their company.


In Justin's words, Formitize can be described as "centralised, time-saving, and an improver." They have been utilising different Training and Support Tools provided by Formitize, such as Virtual Screen Share Training, Face-to-Face Training, Group Training, and communicating with the Client Success Manager through phone calls and emails.


Justin commends the Formitize Support and Customer Service team, considering them highly responsive and extremely helpful, giving them a perfect rating of '10.' In comparison to their previous software, iAuditor/Safety Culture, Justin emphasises that the switch to Formitize was driven by the need for document storage functionality.


When asked about their likelihood of recommending Formitize to a friend or colleague on a scale of 1 to 10, Justin confidently rates it as '10,' indicating they are highly likely to recommend the solution to others.




Justin shares his experience, “Formitize is an important tool for SureGreen to deliver for our clients efficiently. Minimising admin on-site and in the office, Formitize has streamlined our job reporting, quality assurance, and quoting capabilities. Being able to provide our staff on-site an easy-to-use program for multiple administrative tasks means we are spending more time beautifying our landscapes rather than on paperwork.”


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