Formitize Case Study: Termite Choices

28 June, 2024
Case Study 102





If you're in need of pest control in Brisbane and its surrounding areas, Termite Choices is the go-to company. Specialising in termite management, they've been serving Brisbane Metro, nearby suburbs, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast for over 15 years. Committed to excellence, their highly skilled professionals identify, treat, and prevent termite infestations with tailored solutions for each unique property.


Embracing the latest advancements in termite management, Termite Choices employs state-of-the-art technology for superior results. Their commitment to safety is evident in the use of high-quality, child- and pet-safe products to ensure effective termite control without compromising the well-being of your loved ones.



Gerard Greene, the mind behind Termite Choices, stumbled upon Formitize during a Google search for CRM. Seeking a comprehensive solution, Gerard was particularly interested in a booking system, CRM functionalities, job scheduling, and paperless forms. The challenges he faced in his previous processes included time delays, paperwork, misplacement of documents, and tedious manual data entry. These challenges took a toll on his business emotionally and financially.


Upon adopting Formitize, Gerard experienced a transformative shift in his business operations. Formitize became the cornerstone of his day-to-day activities, streamlining processes and reducing the need for extensive administrative support. Gerard emphasises that Formitize is now their complete business solution, bringing efficiency and organisation to their operations.


Utilising various Formitize modules such as accounting (invoicing, quotes, and payments), CRM, document management, job scheduling, paperless forms, and reporting, Gerard appreciates the versatility that Formitize offers.


In addition to the modules, Gerard relies on Formitize's support tools, including demonstration videos, support tickets, user guides, user guide questions, and direct calls to the support team. According to Gerard, Formitize's support and customer service have been instrumental in addressing his queries, making the overall experience positive.


Having compared Formitize with other solutions like Google Drive and Google Calendar, Gerard ultimately chose Formitize for its integrated invoicing with QuickBooks and dedicated pest control forms.


Gerard says, “In three words, I describe Formitize as efficient, easy, and organised – a testament to its positive impact on the operations of Termite Choices.”


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