Formitize Case Study: The Building Consent Guy

6 June, 2024
Case Study 28

The Building Consent Guy:




In January 2020, Craig Harrison founded The Building Consent Guy after gaining four years of experience in the building sector, working for various councils in New Zealand. Throughout his time in the industry, he noticed people expressing their frustrations with different aspects of the building process. Inspired by the need for a comprehensive management system to assist New Zealanders with their building projects, Craig decided to establish his own business.


According to Craig, the goal of The Building Consent Guy is to ensure that individuals can navigate the council's requirements for their projects without encountering unnecessary complications, delays, or additional costs. Whether by managing the entire process or providing support along the way, The Building Consent Guy aims to streamline the building experience for its clients.



When Craig was searching online for "form builder software" and "building inspection software," he came across Formitize. As the owner and founder of The Building Consent Guy, Craig recognized the need for software solutions to address the challenges faced by his business. Specifically, he was looking for paperless forms, job scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), and reporting capabilities.


Craig found that Formitize provided the ideal solution for his needs. He praises the software for its positive impact on his business and considers it a cost-effective choice. Currently, The Building Consent Guy utilizes Formitize's paperless forms and CRM features.


Setting up his Formitize account proved to be a remarkably simple and efficient process for Craig. With a wealth of useful features at his disposal, he was quickly able to integrate Formitize into his operations, leading to improvements in his business processes. In Craig's opinion, Formitize offers a valuable solution for his requirements.


In his quest for the best software option, Craig compared Formitize with other solutions available. Ultimately, he selected Formitize because it appeared capable of fulfilling his desired functionalities while offering the flexibility for him to manage it independently.


Regarding training options, Craig has tried virtual screen share training and group training. Additionally, he has utilized Formitize's support tools, such as support tickets and the user guide. He commends the responsiveness and helpfulness of Formitize's support and customer service teams, rating them a perfect "10."


Overall, Craig Harrison's experience with Formitize has proven to be a positive one. By leveraging Formitize's software solutions, The Building Consent Guy has been able to enhance its operations, ultimately benefiting its clients in the building industry.


Craig says, “I compared Formitize with other solutions. I ended up choosing Formitize because it looked like it could do what I wanted from the software and I can do it myself.”


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