Formitize Case Study: Wagga Pest Solutions

28 June, 2024
Case Study 105



Wagga Pest Solutions offers professional pest control services in Wagga Wagga and its surrounding areas.



Brock Altmann, the owner of Wagga Pest Solutions, learned about Formitize through a recommendation from Jamie Grentell at Belmont Pest Management.


Brock initially sought Formitize as a solution for structured scheduling and invoicing. His search for a comprehensive tool covering Accounting (Invoicing, Quotes, and Payments), CRM (Customer Management), Job Scheduling, Paperless Forms, and Reporting led him to Formitize. Impressed with the features, he chose Formitize to launch his business.


Brock says, “Formitize has become an indispensable asset in the daily operations of my business. Once set up and with sorted job templates, the process of booking jobs and invoicing becomes quick and straightforward, significantly simplifying my business management.”


Brock emphasizes that Formitize has been a game-changer, revolutionizing the way Wagga Pest Solutions operates. The software's ease of setup and utilization of modules such as Accounting, CRM, Job Scheduling, Paperless Forms, and Reporting have contributed to its effectiveness.


Summing up Formitize in three words, Brock describes it as "modern age paperwork."


In terms of customer support, Brock acknowledges the responsiveness and helpfulness of Formitize's Support and Customer Service teams. He rates Formitize a perfect '10' and enthusiastically recommends it to friends and colleagues based on his positive experience.


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