Formitize Case Study: MT Plumbing

27 September, 2023
Case Study 3

MT Plumbing:


MT Plumbing is a 100% Australian owned and operated business. Established and trusted for over 60 years, they’re the premier choice for residential and commercial maintenance and remedial and construction work in Sydney.


Being a local business with local knowledge, MT Plumbing also specialises in the delicate nature of plumbing and drainage for heritage-listed buildings.


The highly experienced team at MT Plumbing can handle any plumbing, drainage or gas fitting need, with all jobs performed in accordance with AS3500, relevant Australian standards and Work, Health and Safety regulations.


Realising they had room for further improvements in their business, Monique from MT Plumbing took to Google to investigate digital systems for forms and workflow. This is where she came across Formitize. 


In their original process - prior to working with Formitize - the team regularly experienced time delays and lost paperwork. 


Since Formitize stepped in to help transform MT Plumbing and their internal processes, Monique says that the Formitize solution has played a valuable role in how their business operates.


“We were looking for Paperless Forms and that’s what Formitize offered us. It is a great solution that has made improvements to our business - it is also good value for money.”


Monique also noted that their Formitize account was easy to set up and that the Support and Customer Service teams were responsive and helpful as well. 


In terms of rating the overall Formitize Client Support (1=Very Poor, 10 = Amazing), Monique awarded Formitize a ‘10’. 


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