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Pest Control quick start quide

We have worked with thousands of Pest Controllers just like
you. These Pesties have told us that the key challenges that
most Pest Control businesses face, Here are 10 items you can tick off your list to help get your Formitize account up and running

Online Contracts, Agreements & Proposals

Everything online for fast, online signing

• No more email > print > sign > scan > email back!!!
• Clients just click on link, read and sign on screen
• Works beautifully on Mobile or Desktop devices
• No more delays
• Instant PDF generated with everything included
• Commercial Contracts back in minutes
• Inspection Agreements & Proposals all ready to go

Inspection Agreement


Commercial & Residential Contracts with Professional Covers, Options, Sign on Screen with Terms & Conditions ready to use.


Pre-Purchase & Inspection Agreements ready for clients to instantly sign on screen. So easy! Turn around in minutes.


General Pest & Termite Treatment Proposals Client can accept or decline recommended items. Clear, efficient and super professional.

Awesome General Pest Reports

Impress your Clients with beautifully professional General Pest Reports – all fully integrated and ready to go.

• Pest Management Treatment Proposals & Record
• Chemical Application Records
• EPA Pesticide Application Records
• General Pest Service Record
• QBCC Form 16
• And more all ready to go.

Formitize General Pest Treatment Proposal Cover

World Class Suite of Termite Management Reports

Welcome to the next generation in Termite Reporting.

Your Inspectors and Technicians will love the Mobile App, your Admin Team will love the Editing Tools and your Clients will be super impressed with the Report presentation.

• Termite Inspection Report (AS 3660)
• Timber Pest Inspection Report (AS 3449)
• Pre-Purchase Inspection Report (AS 3439)
• Termite Management Proposal & Action Plan (AS 3660)
• Preventative Termite Management Plan
• New Construction Certificate of Installation (AS 3660.1)
• Existing Structure Certificate of Installation (AS 3660.2)

• NPMA Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report
• PMANZ Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report


End to End Job Management

Smart Automation to manage & track your complete job process from start to finish – and so easy to use!

• Perfect for Single and Recurring Jobs
• Schedule and book from the Desktop or App
• Schedule by Client, Location and Zone
• Automated Notifications when Job Created & Accepted
• Notification & Route Guidance for Technicians
• Automated updates as Job progresses
• Integrated Health & Safety Forms & Checks
• All the right Forms & Reports ready to go
• Automated Updates and Client Survey
• Quote & Invoice instantly from the Job
• Smart, automated & not a piece of paper in site.

Automated Reminders & Job Updates

Automate so much administration time, maximise future appointments, impress your clients and grow your business.

• Send automated reminders and updates
• Options for Letter, Email and SMS
• Automatically personalise with Client and Job Details
• Customisable wording for different Job types
• Automated “Running Late” notification
• Auto updates as Jobs moves through Stages
• Automated Job Survey to Client on completion.

MSDS & Licence Library with Document Management

All of your MSDS’s, Licences, Registration and company documents managed for you with automated expiry date alerts.

• The perfect way to store documents
• Custom folders to suit your business
• Auto Expiry Management
• Access from mobile app or desktop
• Swipe to view, print or email
• Permission based access.

Safety Data Sheets

Full MSDS Safety Data Sheets Library with expiry alerts to ensure you have everything with you all the time.

Licences & Insurances

Store your licence, insurance and registration documents with automated expiry notifications.

General Documents

Create custom folders to store Company Policies, Safety Documents, Operating Manuals and so much more.

Integrated Health & Safety

Get your compliance and safety paperless too!

Forms ready to use include:
• Risk Assessments
• Safe Work Method Statements customise
• Pre-Start Checklists
• Vehicle Pre-Starts
• Near Miss & Incident Reporting
• Everything securely stored
• Different safety forms for different job Types.

You can even prevent a job from being started until Safety Forms are completed!

safety form

Quoting & Invoicing beautifully Connected!

Instantly generate Quotes, Invoices and Purchases in seconds. Use stand alone or integrate beautifully with existing software like Xero!

• Add Photos & Attachments
• Add Signatures
• Take Card Payment
• Integrate with Jobs
• Full visibility in CRM
• Automated Quote Follow-up
• Automated Invoice Chasing

Zero and formitize integration

All the info at your fingertips with Formitize Reporting.

One of the huge advantages of smart forms is that you can report on absolutely everything and gain intelligence that just wasn’t possible before.

• Automated Monthly Chemical Usage Reports
• Automated Monthly Termite Activity Reports
• Report on any single form field
• Custom reports to suit your needs
• Automated reports to trigger at set times
• Full CRM reporting
• Integration options
• Questions answered with just a few clicks!

Formitize forms dashboard and reporting on tablet

Use Just the Reports or the Complete Business Solution

It’s up to you – you can just use our amazing reports or take advantage of the complete solution

Formitize CRM diagram

A whole team ready to help you manage so many tasks

Just like having a whole team working for you 7 days a week 24/7!
Outgun the big guys with incredible automation.

Smart Assist automatically:

• Follows up Sales Lead enquiries
• Sends reminders for Quotations
• Chases Outstanding Invoices
• Sends future Job appointment reminders
• Keeps everyone updated on the status of Jobs
• Alerts when documents are expiring
• Sends out survey & testimonial requests
• Sends monthly reports such as chemical usage
• Alerts when Client Contracts are expiring

Formitize Smart Automated Assistants Illustration

Now bring everything together into one place with the CRM

Some CRM’s manage customers, others manage jobs.
This Pest Control CRM does both and a whole lot more…

• All Client Details
• Contacts, Locations & Zones
• Full History of Jobs, Forms and Reports
• Visibility of Future Recurring Jobs
• View Photos from all Reports
• Store Client Contracts & Agreements
• Manage Sales Leads & Enquiries
• Instantly Quote & Invoice
• Sales Lead Pipeline

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

A lot of the setup in your account has already been done for you. All you need to do is some customisation, which may take you about 10 minutes. Here are 10 steps to get you started.


The Pest Control Industry Solution has an annual licence fee of $245 a year. This includes the specialised forms and resources that have been developed specifically for the industry after long and thorough consultations. User pricing is $29.99 per user per month.

Formitize is optimised to be used on both Apple and Android devices. If a compatibility issue does arise, our support team will happily work through it with you.

You can have as many users on your account as you need. Each user is just $29.99 per month.

Our Pest Control Team has spent countless hours setting up the Pest Control Industry Solution so that it is ready for you to start using straight away.

All of the Forms, Resources and Job Type communication is there and ready to start using straight away.

No, Formitize was designed to be simple and intuitive for you to use your account. If you can use a smartphone, you can use Formitize.

Getting Support

Yes, our technical support team is available for you to reach out to at any time.

You can raise a Support Ticket through the help menu in your App or in the Portal through a Support Ticket. The User Guide also provides self-help suggestions, as does our YouTube channel with a wealth of handy videos.

Yes, our User Guide is available and includes tutorial videos that can help get you back on track.

Our Formitize YouTube channel is another popular resource for users, and we also have a range of help videos within the Formitize portal that refer to the specific page that you are on to help you further.

When you sign up, we provide the option for a free, personalised 30-minute virtual demo wis virtual training packages to help you make the most of the features and abilities of your account. th one of our friendly team members, who will give you a brief overview and understand your main challenges and goals. We also have lots of self help tools available in the Management Portal and App through the User Guide. In addition to that, our Professional Services Team offer

Book Today

Pricing for virtual training is $150 + GST per hour; contact sales@formitize.com for on-site options.

Finessing the Details

Our forms use variable information fields that are connected to your Forms. 

Your pest licence can be held in your user profile (Management Portal > Users > Edit > scroll to the bottom of the page to add user variables).

Then this information together with Company Information (Management Portal > Settings cog > Company Profile > Company Details) will also populate on forms automatically. 

You can add your bank details into your account for them to appear on your Invoices.

Simply go to Management Portal > Settings cog > Accounts > Invoices.

Simple edit forms through the form templates on the Management Portal > Forms > View form templates and select Edit on the form that you would like to make changes to (> Edit form). Make your changes. Ensure that you Save and Deploy your changes to have them available the next time you start a new form.


View how to add chemicals to a form

View how to add a photo field to Pest Control forms

To make changes to the communication, visit Jobs > Job Type Templates > Edit (Job Status updates and Future Reminders).

Be sure to Save each communication change that you make.


As part of the industry solution that we have built for you, we’ve included various resources that may be relevant to your business. These documents have an Expiry Date set so that you can ensure you and your staff always have the most recent and up-to-date version of the document available to you. Some of these resources may not be relevant to your business and can be deleted. 

Upon notification of an Expired Document, you can review its origin (for example for SDS you would refer to the supplier’s website) and ensure that the version you have is still current. If it isn't, simply upload the new version and set a new Expiry Date so you can renew it as needed in the future.

It’s never been easier to see outstanding invoices. In the Management Portal CRM > Accounts > Invoices and filter your search to ‘unpaid invoices


In the App > Accounts > Invoices > Unpaid

Your Pest Control Industry Account already has completed jobs set up for you. To review and edit these on the Management Portal > Jobs > Job Type Templates.


Customer Communication

There are many ways to send an SMS to a customer;

In the Management Portal > Home > Quick Actions > + New SMS

In the Management Portal > CRM > Contacts > Select Customer > Communication > Send > Select SMS. You can use free text or an SMS template that you’ve created.

In the App > Contacts > swipe right > choose SMS > add text 

Job Type templates can also send automated SMS message through the job process

SMS messages are a notification-only feature; there is no ability to receive replies. 


By default the reply to a form that is emailed will go to the email address in your company profile. This can be edited for each form if you need it to be. Simply visit Forms > Form Actions > Reply To

Job type templates take the hassle out of reminding clients of upcoming jobs. Your Pest Control Industry Account already has these set up for you. To review and edit these on the Management Portal > Jobs > Job Type Templates.

It’s easy to quickly and efficiently inform a customer that you’re running behind schedule. In the App > Job > On Route > Late > SMS, a default text message will appear. You can add the new expected arrival time at the end of the SMS > Send.


Formitize Pest Solution
$29.99 pm per user
Mobile App and Web Management Portal
CRM - Customer Management
Smart Forms & Form Bank
Job Scheduling
Job Management
Health & Safety
Sales Pipeline
Document Management
Quoting & Invoicing
Automated Reminders
Automated Job Status Updates
Task Management
Automated Reporting
Specialist Termite Reports
General Pest Reports
Online Agreements & Proposals
Online Contracts
Health & Safety Forms

*All prices exclude GST for Australian entities. A User is any person accessing the system.


Formitize Pest Solution
$29.99 pm per user*
Mobile App and Web Management Portal
CRM - Customer Management
Smart Forms & Form Bank
Job Scheduling
Job Management
Health & Safety
Sales Pipeline
Document Management
Quoting & Invoicing
Automated Reminders
Automated Job Status Updates
Task Management
Automated Reporting
Specialist Termite Reports
General Pest Reports
Online Agreements & Proposals
Online Contracts
Health & Safety Forms

*All prices exclude GST for Australian entities. A User is any person accessing the system.

Complete Suite of Beautiful Compliant Reports Ready to Use

All the Reports you need for Termite, General Pest, Health & Safety and General Business.

Formitize Pest Reposts Display

TI1  Termite Inspection Report (AS 3660)

TI2  Special Termite Inspection Report

TM1  Termite Management Action Plan (AS 3660)

TM2  Preventative Termite Management Plan

TM3  Termite Management Plan Service Record

TM4  New Construction Certificate of Installation (AS3660.1)

TM5  Existing Structure Certificate of Installation (AS3660.2)

TM6  Exterra Termite Interception & Baiting System: Inspection Report

TP1  Timber Pest Inspection (AS4349.3)

TP2  Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection (AS4349.3)

TP3  Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report (NPMA)

TP4  Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report (PMANZ)

A1  Pre-Purchase Inspection Agreement

A3  Timber Pest Inspection Agreement

A5  Termite Inspection Agreement

A7  Commercial Pest Control Agreement

GP1  Chemical Application Record

GP2  Pest Management Treatment Proposal / Report

GP3  General Pest  Service Report

GP4  Pest Management Activity Report

GP5  EPA Pesticide Application Record

GP6  QBCC Form 16 Inspection Certificate 

WHS1  Risk Assessment

WHS2  Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)

WHS3  Pre-Start Checklist

WHS4  Vehicle Pre-Start Checklist

WHS5  Near Miss/Incident Report

WF1  Contact Us

WF2  Request New Job

WF3  Satisfaction Survey

WF4  Testimonial Request

GB1  Leave Request

GB2  Expense Claim

GB3  Travel Log

GB4  Time Sheet

GB5  Employee Application

GB6  Subcontractor Application

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