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For the construction and trades sectors, paperwork has been an issue for so long and is often the reason why businesses are not moving forward at the rate they want to. The paper processes for all trade and construction businesses are only going to become more demanding as compliance and reporting requirements increase. Smart construction businesses are moving to paperless, efficient systems and are seeing the immediate benefits enabling management to grow the business in a safe, compliant structure
Alarms & Security
Arborists & Tree Services
Asbestos Removal
Blinds, Awnings & Shutters
Builders - Commercial
Builders - Residential
Building Inspection
Carpet & Flooring Services
Civil Contractors
Concreting & Paving
Construction Equipment
Cranes & Hoist Services
Demolition Services
Electrical Contractors
Electrical Engineers
Elevators & Escalators Installers
Equipment Hire
Equipment Maintenance & Servicing
Fencing & Decking
Fire Prevention & Inspection
HVAC Services
Masonry & Stone Services
Painters & Decorators
Pest Controllers
Plastering & Drywallers
Plumbers & Gasfitters
Pool Constructors & Services
Pool Inspectors
Quarrying Services
Road Work Services
Rubbish Removal Services
Traffic Management Services

Construction Businesses Need to Work Hard & Smart

The Construction and Trades sector has been bogged down with paperwork for so long and is often the reason why businesses are not moving forward at the rate they want to. The paper processes are only going to become more demanding so the sooner construction businesses move to a paperless, efficient system, the faster the benefits will be received and the easier it will be to grow the business in a safe, compliant structure.

Construction Safety Adds to Paperwork Issues

Health and Workplace Safety has also become a major factor for the Construction Industry and this has led to even more paperwork juggling and management time. Simple, easy to use, paperless systems need to be implemented to ensure compliance for a safe workplace.

Construction Management need Visibility of Time & Costs

In such a competitive industry, visibility of time and costs is critical – everyone needs to be accountable and systems need to put in place that save management time, provide real-time reporting and get rid of duplication and the paper chasing.
A Construction Industry System has to:
  • Be really simple for everyone to use
  • Work in all environments - with and without connection
  • Be mobile - the team are mobile, the system has to be too
  • Time, Date, Location and Stock focussed
  • Be flexible - every construction business is different
  • Be cost effective - the system needs to deliver

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