Real-time Reporting & Automated Workflows are Essential

Smart, Powerful and Super Simple to use Paperless Mobile Forms & Cloud Management Solutions for Health & Safety processes
Accident Management
Confined Spaces Management
Food Handling Management
Height Safety Management
Hot Work Permit Management
Incident Report Management
JSA Management
Near Miss Report Management
OHS Management
Risk Assessment Management
Safe Work Method Statement Management
Safety Advisors
Site Auditors
Toolbox Talk Management
Transport Safety Management
Worksite Assessment Management

Real-time Reporting & Automated Workflows are Essential

For agricultural businesses, the paper based reporting has been hugely time consuming and is often the reason why businesses are not moving forward at the rate they want to. For tighter cost management, better information and improved operations, generating instant, compliant reports will greatly assist in the smooth running of agricultural operations.

Safety Adds to Management Paperwork Issues

Health and Workplace Safety has become a major factor for so many industries and this has led to increased levels of paperwork juggling and management time. Simple, easy to use, paperless systems need to be implemented to ensure compliance for a safe working environment.

Safety Management Needs Visibility of Time & Costs

In a competitive industry, speed of service and the efficiency of all elements of the solution becomes a key component to profitability. Visibility of time and costs is critical – everyone needs to be accountable and systems need to put in place that save management time, provide real-time reporting and get rid of duplication and the paper chasing.
An Inspection Industry System has to:
  • Be really simple for everyone to use
  • Work in all environments - with and without connection
  • Be mobile - the team are mobile, the system has to be too
  • Time, Date, Location and Process focussed
  • Be flexible - every safety process is different
  • Be cost effective - the system needs to deliver
Health Safety

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Paperwork is a real issue in our industry. With Formitize, not only have we got rid of our paper forms but we now have real-time visibility of what’s happening. The safety, time tracking and reporting elements are awesome!