Presentation, Hygiene, Food Safety, Customer Satisfaction & More

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Presentation, Hygiene, Food Safety, Customer Satisfaction & More

The Hotel & Catering sector is under constant pressure to deliver increased levels of presentation, hygiene, food safety, stock management and customer satisfaction – these processes are by their very nature very paper based and time consuming. Additional responsibilities around compliance and safe work environments are very high and will continue to place great emphasis on effective processes, reporting and management. Powerful mobile solutions are now available to drive processes and report in real-time. Automation will also play a key role with smart, mobile technology and intuitive workflows sending notifications and alerts when scheduled checks have not been completed on time. Real-time visibility that has never been possible before will revolutionize the industry and provide a level of compliance reporting that will change the market.

Safety Adds to Hotel & Catering Paperwork Issues

Workplace Safety has become a major factor for the so many industries and this has led to increased levels of paperwork juggling and management time. Simple, easy to use, paperless systems need to be implemented to ensure compliance for a safe working environment for all Healthcare staff and patients alike.

Hotel & Catering Management Need Visibility of Time & Costs

In a competitive industry, speed of service and the efficiency of all elements of the solution becomes a key component to profitability. Visibility of time and costs is critical – everyone needs to be accountable and systems need to put in place that save management time, provide real-time reporting and get rid of duplication and the paper chasing.
A Hotel & Catering Industry System has to:
  • Be really simple for everyone to use
  • Work in all environments - with and without connection
  • Be mobile - the team are mobile, the system has to be too
  • Time, Date, Location and Quality focussed
  • Be flexible - every hotel and catering process is different
  • Be cost effective - the system needs to deliver

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